How to use a QR code

 How to use a QR code.

QR codes stand for “quick response” and work in a similar way as a bar code.

You may have seen them on the side of a bus or in your favourite magazine.

They look like this

To be able to read QR code you will need to download an app for your mobile device. This might be from the Apple store, Android market or Google play depending on the device that you own.

Just search for QR code scanner or QR code reader like this

There will be many options to choose from, they will all do a similar thing.

Whichever app you download, it will use your device’s camera to read the QR code.

Each app will look similar and the screen on your device will look like this

Simply line up the box on screen with the QR code that you would like to read.

The App will read the code and redirect your device to the website page that the QR code is related to.

Enjoy reading QR codes and look out for them as we start using them across the federation.

Posted on January 8th 2016

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