A Goodbye Message From Liz Hayward

As I prepare to leave this amazing job I am filled with emotion. I have completely devoted myself to the children and young people of Elmwood and Penrose for four years, and for four before that to the children and families of Penrose school. It is hard to say goodbye when you have all meant so much to me. I am very proud of all that has been achieved. I know that the breadth of work of the two schools is impressive and supports families and students through some sad and unhappy times and also through times of celebration and incredible achievement.

We have worked together with you to support greater  understanding of  the needs of your children so that they can grow to take up their places in their local communities and contribute and feel valued. I am so proud of our students. They have everything to be excited about, their futures are very bright.

I also want to pay tribute to all of you. You are fighters, you are passionate parents and strong advocates for your children and young people and the biggest challenge that you - along with all parents  - face is letting go, so your children can find their own way in the world as best they can. This is scary, and will be a different experience for everyone. The school is there with you to help you whatever you face, and this is something I am most proud of.

To all of my colleagues I want to say, never forget your worth. I know that Helen the new head teacher is getting a thriving and wonderful school, and I am sad to go but so pleased with all we have achieved.Have a happy, peaceful and contented Summer.

Posted on July 20th 2016

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