Friends of the Federation (PTFA)

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Friends of the Federation (PFTA)

The aim of the Friends of the Federation (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) is to enhance and support the development of an enriching and diverse curriculum and teaching and learning resources for the students. This is achieved through a range of fundraising initiatives.

All parent carers, families and school staff are automatically members of the Friends of the Federation. We are always looking for new people to become active members of the Friends of the Federation including organising events and taking part in the activities.

There are a number of ways of supporting the Friends:

  • Join the Friends of the Federation Planning Committee
  • Carry out an activity or event to raise money for the Friends of the Federation
  • Use matched funding from your place of employment
  • Donate items for our raffles and sales

The main fundraising activities are the Winter and Summer Fayres. We also host some smaller fundraising activities throughout the year. These events allow us to welcome the local community into the school and highlight the amazing work and effort that our students put into creating items that are available to buy.

The Friends of the Federation are currently fundraising towards playground equipment. For more information go to

For further information or to offer your services to the Friends please contact Marc Rayner, or Marie Neale,

Thank you

Registered Charity: Penrose Parents, Teachers and Friends Association
Registered charity number: 1017850

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