Pupils in Butterfly enjoy a range of opportunities to develop their skills in the core curriculum areas, life skills, communication and building relationships.  Most pupils are in class on a full-time basis.  Where it is appropriate there are opportunities for pupils to access mainstream provision to support communication and interaction.

Every aspect of school and our community engagement opportunities help broaden pupils’ experiences and allow pupils to continue to develop their independence and relationship building skills.

Pupils all have access to our themed curriculum and are encouraged to be active, involved and independent learners. To promote independence, pupils follow a structured routine using TEACCH approaches with most having their own learning space.  

Clear, consistent routines and structures are followed each day supported by symbols, objects of reference and musical cues. Each morning begins with a class nurture breakfast, where we can share food and build strong, positive relationships. Students are encouraged to generalise their skills by working with different groups for part of the week which focus on social and emotional development skills. 

Enrichment  activities such as visiting groups, role play, horticulture, enterprise, swimming, community engagement and play to learn allow students to work together, problem solve, take risks and enhance their spiritual, moral, social, cultural development and understanding of the world. 

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