Bumblebee Class follows a very structured approach, we are very lucky to share learning opportunities with our nurture group. Pupils have  individualised timetables which link to their interests and needs. Teaching is delivered creatively to engage and hook the pupils into learning. Typical sessions include Maths,English and Topic sessions but we also enjoy learning in the community and outside as much as we possibly can.  

 We follow TEACCH and Nurture Principles within Bumblebee Class and we embed them in  everything that we do.

Teacch Principles:

Some of the TEACCH Autism Program priorities are:

  • focusing on the person, their skills, interests and needs
  • understanding the ‘culture of autism’ and identifying differences based on individualised assessments
  • using visual structures to organise the environment and tasks when teaching skills
  • being broad-based, ie support people at work, teach skills but also ensure that people are supported during leisure and/or social activities
  • being flexible and teaching flexibility.

We are also very lucky as we have two class guinea pigs, they spend most of the day outside of their cage and are part of the team. The students benefit from having the animals in the class and learn about responsibility but also about respect and basic care for animals.

Our class moto is to learn together, take risks and have fun.

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