British Values

The teaching and promotion of British values is central to life at Penrose School and reinforced in everything that we do. Our School Council led by our Junior Leadership Team meets regularly and they are clear about their elected role within school and on behalf of their peers. Through these forums, decisions are made about school life, charity work and how we can improve our school.

Our commitment to the Rights Respecting Schools Agenda has ensured that the rights of the child are at the heart of everything we do, that we are thinking about others and through the use of visual aids such as Picture First, Espresso and First News we support our pupils to explore topics across the world and how events impact on the lives of others.

We encourage our pupils to get involved in charity work, for example the Unicef Shoe Share appeal as well as National Awareness Days and Weeks, which celebrate difference.

Through our curriculum we explore other cultural and religious beliefs and through RE and assemblies, seek to develop a positive sense of self and a respect and acceptance of others within all of our students

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